Welcome Message from the ICOM President Hans-Martin Hinz

Dear colleagues of the international museum community,

The forthcoming 24th ICOM General Conference will be held from 3 to 9 July, 2016 in Milan, Italy. We will be delighted to welcome you for what is sure to be an exciting week of discussions and events in a country that is world-renowned for its incredibly rich and diverse cultural heritage.

The international museum community will gather together in Milan around the theme of Museums and cultural landscapes, which raises a number of issues dear to all of us, as museums around the world strive to redefine their roles and positions in relation to their communities and with respect to the cultural heritage that lies beyond their walls.

Packed with stimulating sessions, networking opportunities and committee meetings, the week-long ICOM General Conference is key in allowing ICOM’s 35,000 members from some 140 countries, alongside other museum professionals from an array of cultural and linguistic horizons, to maintain and expand their expertise and leadership on cultural heritage issues.

In the year of ICOM’s 70th birthday, I count on your presence during this key moment for ICOM in Milan, to celebrate our seven decades of commitment to the protection, preservation and promotion of museums and cultural heritage.

It will be my honour to welcome you, together with our Italian hosts, to this momentous event. I am confident that with the help of your contributions and participation, it will be an unforgettable experience.

We look forward to gathering together in Milan in 2016!

Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Hinz
President of ICOM

LA LINEA D’OMBRA, exhibition by Roberto Rampinelli - March 12 to May 22, 2016, at The ArtsBox, Contrà San Paolo 23, Vicenza, Italy.
A premier still life painter in contemporary Italy, indeed one of the greatest in all of Europe, Roberto Rampinelli was born in Bergamo in 1948 and lives between Milan and Urbino, Italy and Amer, Spain.
The ArtsBox has teamed up with the Vicenza Poetry Festival to exhibit 30 artworks that showcase Rampinelli’s virtuosity in rendering everyday objects with exacting detail along with marvelous effects in color and light, and subtle variations of texture. The exhibition also creates a dialog between the arts of painting and poetry.
Rampinelli’s works will interact with verse by both foreign and Italian poets: Ryszard Krynicki (Poland), Ana Luisa Amaral (Portugal), Douglas Reid Skinner (South Africa), Douglas Dunn (Scotland), Julio Llamazares and Davi Jou (Spain), Marco Fazzini and Valerio Magrelli (Italy).
Curated by Marco Fazzini, who is also founder and director of the Vicenza Poetry Festival, the Linea d’Ombra exhibition will run until May 22 and is supported by the Vicenza City Hall and the Gallerie d’Italia - Leone Montanari Palazzo.
Rigor and symmetry, silence and solitude, and the appearance of transparency are all consistent characteristics of Rampinelli's work.
Vernissage exhibition, Saturday March 12, at 6 p.m.

Italian press release (pdf) Photos (zip)

“LA TELA”, “CANVAS”, documentary film by Salvatore Garau e Fabio Olmi – from April 2016.
Salvatore Garau and Fabio Olmi revive the power of art and storytelling in a prison re-education program through a documentary entirely filmed inside Oristano Prison, Sardinia.
Blue Film will start promoting the film in April 2016.
Prisoners paint and tell stories to enrich themselves, feeling again like members of society even behind prison bars.
Contemporary artist Salvatore Garau serves as film director of “La Tela” with Fabio Olmi, who won an award with David di Donatello in 2002 for the movie “Il Mestiere delle Armi”, as cinematographer. The documentary will focus on the two dimensions of painting and storytelling.

Italian press release (pdf) Photos (zip)

La Milanesiana - Literature Music Cinema Science Art Philosophy and Theater - Summer 2016, Milan.
We can’t wait to welcome you back next summer for the seventeenth edition of La Milanesiana - Literature Music Cinema Science Art and Theater, a festival started and directed by Elisabetta Sgarbi.
Theme and date of the event will be disclosed at a press conference to be held between April and May 2016. Date and accreditation form will be sent through email.
Facebook: La Milanesiana
Twitter: @LaMilanesiana
YouTube: La Milanesiana